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3033Re: [webalizer] Re: complete referrers

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  • Enric Naval
    Dec 8, 2004
      --- Paulo Lenz <paulolenz@...> wrote:

      > Thanks for reply J.D.,
      > But there insnt any way to make webalizer show the
      > complete url? by
      > disabling the analyzes procedure or anything else...

      You need to download the source code, make a small
      change and compile the code. For next versions I hope
      that Mr. Barret will add some switch to do this
      automagically, or at least add it to the FAQ :P

      Q: How can I get webalizer to stop striping the query
      string from the URLs?

      A: Just add '?', '&' and '=' to the isurlchar()
      function in webalizer.c and re-compile. Doing this is
      not recommended, since it allows all sorts of other
      nasty characters through.

      Enric Naval
      Estudiante de Inform�tica de Gesti�n en la Udl (Lleida)
      GRIHO webalizer.conf

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