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3028Re: [webalizer] Webalizer and Plesk

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  • Hannah Andersen
    Dec 7, 2004
      Hello Everyone,

      Ok here is the email agian in plain text formating. The last mail was merely
      typed and sent thus it mail program used its rich text option.

      ----- Original Message -----

      We have a dedicated server with ServerBeach that is running Plesk and
      Webalizer. We have had nothing but trouble with this combination from the
      start and ServerBeach is no help what so ever.

      Server: RedHat 7.3 Plesk 5

      1. Webalizer stopped working. Then ServerBeach suggested that we remove the
      00webalizer from the cron.daily and run Webalizer via a cronjob. This sort
      of works, but now Plesk is not being updated with the stats.

      2. Webalizer is giving stats for Jan. - July for a Domain when the domain
      did not go up until Aug.

      3. Webalizer seems to be complaining about truncation of log files and
      oversized log files.

      Any suggestions, questions, and assistance all-a-round would be greatly

      ----- Original MSG End -----

      A few people actually touched on the #3 and even were kind enough to provide
      the text from the read me. Thanks for this.

      Though it seems that no one wants to touch the Plesk =) I can appreciate
      that too. On our original server we had a command we entered into Cron that
      ran every night and generated the webstats report. Something like
      "/path/to/webalizer -Cqt ". I cannot seem to find this or find the document
      that contains what the actual characters commands are to generate certain
      sections of the report. Can someone provide me with this file?

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