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3026Re: [webalizer] Webalizer and Plesk

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  • Dave Patton [DCP]
    Dec 7, 2004
      ftnx@... wrote:
      > Monday December 06 2004 09:38, Hannah Andersen wrote to All:

      You shouldn't SHOUT at people ;-)

      Politely pointing out how things could be done better
      is a good idea.

      You should configure your email program to add the
      standard "Re: " to the subject line when you reply.

      Hannah's original posting in this thread was sent with
      a content type header of:
      Content-type: multipart/alternative;
      and contained both "text/plain" and "text/html" sections.

      While the HTML is unnecessary, competent email programs
      will display only the plain text, if you configure them
      to do so. Hannah - you can configure Outlook Express
      so it sends only plain-text emails(at least to this list).

      > HA> 3. Webalizer seems to be complaining about truncation of log files
      > HA> and
      > HA> oversized log files.
      > Webalizer complains about 'oversized log entries'. That is an obvious
      > bug.

      From the Webalizer FAQ:
      13. I get Warning: Truncating oversized xxx or String exceeds
      storage size warnings! Why?
      Internally, The Webalizer has a fixed maximum size for various parts
      of the log record. If a particular field is longer than will fit, you
      will see these warnings. The most common is that for the request field
      on sites that have a lot of CGI interaction. They can be safely ignored.
      If you don't want to see warnings or errors, you can use the ReallyQuiet
      option (-Q command line switch) to supress them.

      So, it's not a 'bug', it's 'functions as designed' :-)

      Because the source code for Webalizer is available, it
      can be patched to deal with these sorts of issues. For example:

      Dave Patton
      Canadian Coordinator, Degree Confluence Project
      My website: http://members.shaw.ca/davepatton/
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