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3004Re: [webalizer] Re: Webcrawlers and Yahoo Groups search

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  • waldo kitty
    Nov 8, 2004
      smutterbuggler wrote:
      > <snip>
      > What are the risks (if any) of publishing the 'usage' pages on the web
      > server for outside viewing?

      what are the risks? logfile spamming for one thing... that's where folk spam stuff not to your site but to your log
      files for the search engine spiders to find... if they can get enough hits to their site, they will climb in the search
      engine rankings... the higher their rankings, the more money they can make...

      > To turn this on for a day (say) would save a lot of cutting and
      > pasting etc.

      for a day or so? i couldn't say... i wouldn't unless i had a good idea when the spiders would be around... as an
      example, google is a regular on my site but M$'s new search engine spider has been a real nusiance since going online as
      it walks my site most every day...

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