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2981RE: [webalizer] size calculation

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  • Kevin Jones
    Oct 27, 2004

      Without seeing your image, I would recommend comparing one day's information from your log files to the data in your webalizer.hist file to see if the numbers match.

      If your numbers do not match, I would then check your webalizer.conf file to see if you've dropped a zero or made an incorrect entry anywhere.

      Also, what is your setup? That is, which Win/IIS versions and what does your webalizer.conf look like?


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      Sent: Wednesday, October 27, 2004 10:50
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      Subject: [webalizer] size calculation


      I have a problem with the windows version off webalizer.

      after processing the log files the size in Kbytes are mensioned in
      bytes(in the image)

      correctly monthly banthwith = 2000000 byte so 2000Kbyte

      it shows in the image 2000000 kbyte

      Does someone has the same problem or someone that has a solution for
      this problem?


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