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2861Re: [webalizer] Re: webalizer with special log file format

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  • waldo kitty
    Aug 1, 2004
      crawling_weasel wrote:

      > Hello & Thanks for your answer.
      > So, the only way to do it is to edit the source code? Well, I'll try,
      > but got to get a C-compiler. If anybody has another idea, please tell me.
      > As I never worked with C before allow me to ask further questions to
      > make sure:
      >>------------- CUT HERE -------------
      >>--- parser.c.orig Sat Jul 31 09:33:57 2004
      >>+++ parser.c Sat Jul 31 09:36:12 2004

      that's a diff file... it is meant to be applied to the source by a patch program... it can be done manually, though... lines with
      +'s are added and lines with -'s are removed... it is /not/ specific to C... it can be used with any text file... i don't think that
      it can be used with binary files... i've never tried...

      also, don't forget that webalizer is developed on a *nix system so many things are going to be *nix based in replies... there is a
      port of webalizer to the windows platform... evidently you have that precompiled version... i'd contact the one who compiled it and
      see if they are willing to add that patch to a special copy/version and compile it for you...

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