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2805Webalizer problems

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  • Graham Wilson
    Jul 1, 2004
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      We are currently using a windows 2003 server. We have
      used webalizer previously on a linux based server
      where we had multiple config files for all the
      different sites that we owned. After changing to
      Windows 2k3 our host installed webalizer onto our new
      server. We have been trying to run our linux config
      files through webalizer on our new server but we get
      errors such as - cant find history file.

      This is a puzzling problem that we have and we need to
      resolve ASAP,

      Is it possible to run webalizer on windows 2003

      If it is how do you go about it?

      Are there any changes that we have to make to the
      config file? if so what are they?

      If it is not possible to use webalizer on windows 2003
      does anybody have any other good stats packages to

      Please reply ASAP if you have any ideas

      Thank you

      Graham Wilson


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