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2759Re: [webalizer] Webalizer counts hits from my LAN - how to stop this....?

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  • Enric Naval
    Jun 1, 2004
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      --- Guy Merritt <guy@...> wrote:
      > Is there a way to make Webalizer stop counting hits
      > from a LAN Windows box - uncommenting the"Hide Site
      > localhost", as far as I know, wouldn't be the answer
      > (since that refers to the Linux box on which
      > Webalizer is running). I've got a handy deal called
      > AXS administrator that has an "ignore list" where
      > you can enter NAT numbers of boxes, domain names,
      > etc. Webalizer is cooler, actually, and I use it
      > for 4 sites but the stats don't mean much because if
      > I edit a page and then hit the page a dozen times
      > from Windows I've got wildly skewed results.........
      > Thanks guys..............
      > Guy Merritt


      I used this to group the visits from our lan. You will
      have to use IgnoreSite instead of GroupSite/HideSite.
      Ask the network administrator about what IPs subnets
      are being used in your lan and change the values here.
      Add machine names appropiately. Beware that common
      names like "jupiter", "juno", "cache" or "gateway" may
      appear in legitimate visits, so be careful when adding

      #We ignore visits from the local machine
      IgnoreSite griho.udl.es
      IgnoreSite localhost

      # We group the 10.18., 10.200, and 10.30. subnets
      GroupSite 10.18* Internal Network
      HideSite 10.18*
      GroupSite 10.200* Internal Network
      HideSite 10.200*
      GroupSite 10.30* Internal Network
      HideSite 10.30*

      # We group all the other posible private networks
      GroupSite 172.16* Internal Network
      HideSite 172.16*
      GroupSite 192.168* Internal Network
      HideSite 192.168*

      # This is the domain used to name
      # the lan machines
      GroupSite *.udl.net Internal Network
      HideSite *.udl.net

      NOTE: I think you can ignore all the 10.x.x.x subnet
      using "IgnoreSite 10.*" but I never actually tried to
      do it. This was matching some legitimes entries. There
      were several visitors with "10.x.x.x.domain.com"
      names. Probably some lan name forwarded by some

      NOTE: Currently I'm using grep to rip the lan entries
      from the log files before procesing with webalizer. I
      believe this is faster that using webalizer keywords.
      You cn only do this in a script or in the command
      line. Notice that here I am filtering all IPS starting
      with "10." and followed by a number. The character "^"
      means start of line. I'm enclosing the dots with
      brackets "[.]" so grep will not interpret them as a
      special character.

      grep access_log -v -e ^localhost -e ^127 -e ^192[.]168
      -e ^10[.][0-9] -e ^172[.]16[.] -e ^griho[.]udl[.]es -e
      udl[.]net > access_log_greped


      Enric Naval
      Estudiante de Inform�tica de Gesti�n en la Udl (Lleida)
      GRIHO enhanced webalizer.conf

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