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2720Re: How do I track dynamic pages?

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  • enventa2000
    May 16, 2004

      To track dinamic pages you'll have to download the source code, make a
      small change to it, and compile the source. Then use the program you
      just compiled instead of the binary version (the one you don't need to

      The change is:

      Open the file "webalizer.c". You need to change the "isurlchar" code.
      Search for "isurlchar" until you find something like this:

      /* ISURLCHAR - checks for valid URL chars */

      int isurlchar(unsigned char ch)
      if (isalnum((int)ch)) return 1; /* allow letters,
      numbers... */
      if (ch > 127) return 1; /* allow extended chars..
      . */
      return (strchr(":/\\.,' *-+_@~()[]",ch)!=NULL); /* and a few
      special ones */

      You need to change the last line for this one instead. Notice the
      addition of "?":

      return (strchr("?:/\\.,' *-+_@~()[]",ch)!=NULL);

      After this, all "?" are treated as a normal URL char.

      NOTE: The search string feature will stop working, because it relies
      on the meaning of "?" as a special character separating the URL from
      the query string...

      NOTE: Notice that these three URLS are three different URLs:


      If you have more than one parameter, you may consider grouping (this
      will only work after changing "isurlchar" and compiling):

      GroupURL ?id=123 id 123
      HideURL ?id=123

      You can find some discussion on security issues from doing this and
      some other random oddities by searching the function name in the group


      --- In webalizer@yahoogroups.com, "forphil75" <forphil@e...> wrote:
      > I need to track dynamic pages for both a php site and a CF site.
      What I mean is I have a
      > "list" page with several images. When I click on an image, I get a
      detail page with
      > information about the image. All this is database driven. So my
      list page is list.php and
      > my detail page is detail.php?id=123 (for example). So I need to
      know how many times
      > database record 123 (id=123) was viewed. How do I set Webalizer to
      track this? I know
      > Web Tredns can do this sort of thing.
      > Thanks!
      > forphil
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