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2560RE: [webalizer] webalizer for redhat 9

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    Mar 5, 2004
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      I remove the RPM and I compile webalizer from the source (Webalizer.org )and
      it WORKS !!. Next time I will try Webalizer and GeoIP.

      My question: I lost some days stats, but I archived the logs. Can I process
      them without messing my stats?


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      Sent: Wednesday, 03 March, 2004 2:33 PM
      To: Stanislaw Pusep
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      Subject: Re: [webalizer] webalizer for redhat 9

      > > I migrate to linux redhat 9. But I am having problem with the Webalizer.
      It is not compatible .
      > > Is there another compatible version, or do I have to compile the source.
      > You can use static binary I provide:
      > That's not *exactly* an original Webalizer; and not *exactly* an RPM
      package, but it works everywhere :)

      I'm not sure why the standard static binary on the ftp site would not
      work either.. or even the plain vanilia Linux binary. What libraries
      is it saying that it can't find.

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