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2542breaking out sub-domains

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  • Julian Bond
    Mar 2, 2004
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      I have a group of websites that all use the same code. They are split
      out according to subdomain. eg the main site is www.ecademy.com then
      there's wifi.ecademy.com, us.ecademy.com etc. All the sites use a
      single set of log files. There are currently 8 sub-sites. It's likely
      to grow to <20 this year.

      I want to see aggregated stats for the whole group. The problem is I
      would also like to see stats for each sub-domain. Looking at the log
      files the information is contained in the requested page URL.

      From what I've read, webalizer has no direct ability to break out the
      sub sites. Is this correct? If Webalizer can't do this, could any
      other analysis tool?

      The only kludge I can think of to deal with this is to use grep to
      create a set of partial logs with one for each sub-domain and then
      apply webalizer to the results. Any other ideas?

      [1]I'm using wild card DNS and wild card virtual hosts in apache, and
      then picking up the request URL in the code. This means that
      configuring the sub-domains is purely in application data and they
      share lots of user content and data. It works well, but it's causing
      problems in the analysis.
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