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2521Re: [webalizer] Multithreading

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  • Stanislaw Pusep
    Feb 24, 2004
      > Hi,
      > I don't understand at all what you mean... :-(
      > Could you be a little more precise about how you suggest to speed up
      > processing of that huge file?

      I guess there's no way to help THAT file. The best you can do is process
      it once and after that use Webalizer's Incremental mode every time you
      generate stats. Incremental mode saves latest state of log so it hasn't
      reread entire log file. So my suggestion is: process that huge file and
      set you system to NOT to create huge file; weekly or more frequently system
      backups actual log and rewinds it to zero size. This way you have small
      logs every week/day and Webalizer is fast with them.
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