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2519referrer with conditions?!

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  • pmdeep2k4
    Feb 24, 2004

      I need to count links from a webpage to various files on my server
      separately and I can not change the other webpage.

      The foreign webpage www.xyz.com/document.html contains links to:

      Resulting Logfile on mydomain.com:
      1.2.3... "GET /document_b.html HTTP/1.1" 200
      7124 "http://www.xyz.com/document.html" "Mozilla...
      1.2.3... "GET /document_a.html HTTP/1.1" 200
      1454 "http://www.xyz.com/document.html" "Mozilla...
      1.2.3... "GET /pdfdoc_a.pdf HTTP/1.1" 200
      25415 "http://www.xyz.com/document.html" "Mozilla...

      With a configuration file containing the following line:
      GroupReferrer xyz.com/ Not my site
      webalizer groups all links from xyz.com. But I need conditions in
      GroupReferrer, something like that:
      GroupReferrer xyz.com/|document_a.html Not my site (Document A)
      GroupReferrer xyz.com/|document_b.html Not my site (Document B)
      GroupReferrer xyz.com/|pdfdoc_a.pdf Not my site (PDF A)

      Ideas, how to modify the source program that it fits for
      my 'requirements'?

      Thank you.