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2447Re: [webalizer] Re: Show hits based on query string?

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  • Bradford L. Barrett
    Jan 13, 2004
      > Does it matter where I put %q? Here is what I have for LogFormat:
      > LogFormat "%h %l %u %t \"%r\" %>s %b %q \"%{Referer}i\" \"%{User-
      > Agent}i\"" combined

      The above format is invalid and what you will wind up with is query
      strings being processed as referrers, and referrers being processed
      as user agents.

      Get rid of the '%q'

      The webalizer, by design, strips cgi query info from URLs and referrers.
      This is to make the URL/referrer counts more accurate. If you want them
      preserved, you need to edit webalizer.c, add '?', '&' and '=' to the
      "isurlchar()" function and re-compile. Please note that doing so will
      cause less accurate counts and will open up the possibility of a cross
      site scripting vulnerability (query strings are not checked since they
      are not supposed to be present).

      Bradford L. Barrett brad@...
      A free electron in a sea of neutrons DoD#1750 KD4NAW

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      believe that computers are inherently unreliable.
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