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2410Increasing the Top URL's listed in stats.

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  • dotkom29
    Dec 10, 2003
      I just want to increase the top url's listed in the stats. I had an
      old version of webalizer installed which had a conf file but the
      changes i made in there never took effect. so i went into the
      webalizer.pl and modified the command line to include the
      configuration file with the -c command. well, that messed everything
      up and i ended up having all kind of permissions problems. so i
      uninstalled that version and installed version 2.01.10-1. This version
      is now working smoothly but i still need to increase the number of top
      urls displayed. however now, there doesn't appear to be a conf file
      anywhere. What in the world can I do and where is webalizer getting
      it's defaults from? Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you

      Jason Cooke
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