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2386Analyzing proxy logs

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  • Pat Scopelliti
    Oct 27, 2003
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      I’m using Webalizer to analyze Apache proxy logs.  Works fine, except for one feature I can’t seem to implement.  I’d like to have the top URLs report group all domains – I don’t care to see the full URLs (at least for this particular case).  All I want to see is domains, e.g. http://ww.cnn.com/* http://ww.ebay.com/* etc.  This would allow me to see what websites are being accessed without regard to actual directories, pages, etc.


      I can partially implement by using GroupURL and HideURL combinations in the config file, but it only works for the domains that I list in the config file.  I’ve tried every combination of GroupDomains, HideAllSites, etc. that I could think of without any luck.


      What would work is something like the following:


      GroupURL http://*/*

      HideURL http://*/*


      But I can’t seem to come up with any way write the config lines.


      Any ideas?





      Pat Scopelliti