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2076webalizer log processing and dns caching

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  • ernieoporto
    May 15 7:20 AM
      I used it in this fashion...
      mergelog /web/logs/access_log* | webalizer -c
      /web/site/webalizer/config.cfg -p -

      Where my config.cfg file is
      IgnoreSite inside.site.com
      DNSCache /web/site/webalizer/dns_cache.db
      DNSChildren 10
      OutputDir /web/site/webalizer
      HostName www.site.com

      However, the only thing updated is the dns cache when I have the
      DNSCache directive. If I do not use the DNSCache Directive or -D arg,
      it works properly. Is the DNS cache maintenance supposed to be done as
      a separate run from the log processing? The --help for webalizer
      seems to just say "DNSCache: Use DNS Cache file 'name'", not that it
      changes its performance. Should I be using this a different way?

      Also, it seems that only one year's worth of history is ever shown on
      the front page of webalizer and that each month on that page is an
      amalgam of that same month over the many years; i.e., there is no way
      that I got 6882 hits for May this year. Should I only be processing
      log files that are a year old or less on my initial run to set up
      webalizer? It seems like all the right files are being generated.
      Again, should I be using this a different way?

      www:/web/site/webalizer# ls
      config.cfg daily_usage_200208.png
      ctry_usage_200107.png daily_usage_200209.png
      ctry_usage_200108.png daily_usage_200210.png
      ctry_usage_200109.png daily_usage_200211.png
      ctry_usage_200110.png daily_usage_200212.png index.html
      ctry_usage_200111.png daily_usage_200301.png usage.png
      ctry_usage_200112.png daily_usage_200302.png usage_200107.html
      ctry_usage_200208.png daily_usage_200303.png usage_200108.html
      ctry_usage_200209.png daily_usage_200304.png usage_200109.html
      ctry_usage_200210.png daily_usage_200305.png usage_200110.html
      ctry_usage_200211.png dns_cache.db usage_200111.html
      ctry_usage_200212.png hourly_usage_200107.png usage_200112.html
      ctry_usage_200301.png hourly_usage_200108.png usage_200208.html
      ctry_usage_200302.png hourly_usage_200109.png usage_200209.html
      ctry_usage_200303.png hourly_usage_200110.png usage_200210.html
      ctry_usage_200304.png hourly_usage_200111.png usage_200211.html
      ctry_usage_200305.png hourly_usage_200112.png usage_200212.html
      daily_usage_200107.png hourly_usage_200208.png usage_200301.html
      daily_usage_200108.png hourly_usage_200209.png usage_200302.html
      daily_usage_200109.png hourly_usage_200210.png usage_200303.html
      daily_usage_200110.png hourly_usage_200211.png usage_200304.html
      daily_usage_200111.png hourly_usage_200212.png usage_200305.html
      daily_usage_200112.png hourly_usage_200301.png webalizer.hist
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