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201Re: [webalizer] Help me

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  • Héctor José Montalvo Herrera
    Jan 24, 2001
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      Webalizer for NT only have 2 files
      webalizezr.exe and sample.conf
      I configured the sample.conf with the PATH en my PC, but when I run
      " webalizer -c Path:\sample.conf "
      I have this error:
      Hostname for reports is 'Es una Prueba'
      History file not found...
      Previous run data not found...
      Using logfile d:\personal\access.log (IIS-W3C (IIS4,IIS5,...)
      Skipping bad record (12)
      Skipping bad record (13)
      No valid records found!

      I looking for NCSA configuration in the sample.conf but I can't find it!
      I think webalizer is looking for W3C format

      Thnaks a lot of
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      Sent: Wednesday, January 24, 2001 12:47 PM
      Subject: RE: [webalizer] Help me

      > > okas!
      > > let me see, but if I have NCSA format?
      > > I see than the format log for this Webalizer is W3C, if I
      > > have NCSA how I
      > > can convert it?
      > Webalizer use the NCSA format by default. Or you need to adjust the config
      > file.
      > Klaus
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