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1946RE: Problems with number of Visits in partial log file

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  • Ola.Fjallman@adb.ds.sll.se
    Mar 23, 2003
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      Hello again,

      I've made some more tests, and it's the same behavior when I make my
      selection by IncludeURL. When processing the whole log-file as is, I get
      a caluclated number of visits, but when looking at one och some URL's
      from same logfile, the number of visits is always zero! AS I understand,
      it should report visits, since there are a lot of rows in logfile, and
      not from same IP. I would appreciate help in this matter as soon as


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      From: Ola Fjallman
      Sent: den 21 mars 2003 17:12
      To: Ola Fjallman; webalizer
      Subject: Problems with number of Visits in partial log file

      I have Iplanet webserver (e.g. Netscape) and analyzing the whole access
      file, gives me somewhat reasonable number of Visits,
      but when I try to make partial logfiles, for keeping track of just a
      couple of pages, I always end up with zero visits.

      Why is that? The time-period in my partial logfile is over several

      I have checked my little script that splits the URL's to different
      files, and there is nothing wrong with it.
      It copies out the entire row for each access containing my specified

      I don't have regular extensions, like htm or html on my links. It's more

      like : ...showdoc=DocId=1000 ....
      I have added ?=& as qualified link characters, and it works fine.

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