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1887RE: [webalizer] Success in installing on a Windows 2000 / IIS machine?

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  • Kees de Keizer
    Feb 8, 2003
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      On Sun, 9 Feb 2003, kim minh huynh wrote:

      > Here is what i got when trying Webalizer on Win IIS
      > C:\Inetpub>webalizer1 -c webalizer1.conf
      > Webalizer V2.01-09-RB07 (Windows NT 5.0 Service Pack 3) French
      > Using DNS cache file c:\inetpub\log\dns_cache.db
      > Creating output in c:\inetpub\log\
      > Hostname for reports is 'http:\\hkm78.gotdns.com'
      > Reading history file... c:\inetpub\log\webalizer.hist
      > >>>Previous run data not found...
      > Using logfile c:\inetpub\log\access_log (clf)
      > >>>No valid records found!
      > Two webalizer.conf are joint here,
      > the first one sent out what you see above,the second one sent nothing.
      > What is the problem, please help ??

      Where are your IIS logfiles stored? And what is it's name?
      Now it is in "c:\inetpub\log" and the name is "access_log".
      The last name is not a regular IIS name for a logfile.
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