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1842Re: [webalizer] groupreferrer

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  • Greg Fenton
    Feb 1, 2003
      I believe that you use GroupURL to group statistics into one "entry",
      but that does not remove the individual URLs from still having their
      own individual "entries". To hide the individual entries, you need to
      also use HideURL.

      According to the comments in the default webalizer.conf:

      # The Group* options do not, by default, hide all the items
      # that it matches. If you want to hide the records that match (so
      # just the grouping record is displayed), follow with an identical
      # Hide* keyword with the same value.

      Hope this helps,

      --- "sanukuttan <sanukuttan@...>" <sanukuttan@...> wrote:
      > I'm trying to groupURL /forum and /pictures, but the urls within
      > those folders still show up. Also the referrer pyfa.org should be
      > hidden.

      Greg Fenton

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