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1826random missing links

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  • Henk Schrik
    Jan 7, 2003

      This morning I did send an e-mail about missing links in
      my output.

      I experimented some more, but the output shows variation
      in results.

      Standard missing are the links to entry and exit referrers,
      sometimes when i try again i also miss links to sites, or
      links to cntr-codes.

      Everything is supposed to be there, but why do I miss them,
      sometimes randomly, but for entry- and exit- all the time.
      Any idea why this weird output does come about, or what
      I'm doing wrong.

      For those interested in solving, I do have a test-output
      available that might give some idea of the cause of those
      'missing links'.


      Henk Schrik
      tel. (31)(0)6 53612294
      e-mail: h.schrik@...
      website: http://henk.schrik.nl
      or http://henk.schrik.org
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