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1824no extra links ?

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  • Henk Schrik
    Jan 7, 2003

      I'm running into a problem with a link that should be there but isn't.

      The config file tells:

      # If enabled, a seperate HTML page will be created, and a link will be
      # added to the bottom of the appropriate "Top" table.
      # There are a couple of conditions
      # for this to occur.. First, there must be more items than will fit
      # in the "Top" table (otherwise it would just be duplicating what is
      # already displayed). Second, the listing will only show those items
      # that are normally visable, which means it will not show any hidden
      # items. Grouped entries will be listed first, followed by individual
      # items. The value for these keywords can be either 'yes' or 'no',
      # with the default being 'no'. Please be aware that these pages can
      # be quite large in size, particularly the sites page, and seperate
      # pages are generated for each month, which can consume quite a lot
      # of disk space depending on the traffic to your site.

      I do get a link but thats just a backslash link, and the link
      will actually go to the root of the website.

      Anyone a clue?

      Henk Schrik
      Buiten Kadijken 79
      1018 zs Amsterdam
      tel. 020-6250740 | gsm. 06-53612294
      e-mail: h.schrik@...
      website: http://henk.schrik.org
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