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1817Re: [webalizer] timezone

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  • Luc I. Suryo
    Jan 2, 2003
      > well,
      > exactly my problem is webalizer shows wrong Hourly Statistics.
      > It shifts values 3hours according to real value(servers time)..
      > i live in +2 timezone..
      > (shows 1pm stats as 4pm stats)

      :) well this version WILL solve that problem!

      I have timezone in America/Chicago, America/Los_Angeles, America/Denver,
      America/New_York, Europe/London, Europe/Dublin, Europe/Paris,
      America/Phoenix, America/Caracas while the server is in Central,

      and now the stats shows the correct hourly stats for EACH virtual site,
      we have 190+ site ...

      the most important things are
      a) your system must understand correct timezone, do realize that
      US/Central == US/Chicago and that is important for day-saving-time!

      b) you must use correct name of the timezone. as you know there are
      places in teh US that do not respect DST and therefor it is important to
      have the correct name as well the system knows them... we using Sun
      Solaris 8 Sparc....

      anyway so how do we do this? i really would like the 'ok' from the
      author.... brad??? or just sent the sources ? (i can make it available
      on my ftp server....)

      Kind regards,
      Luc Suryo
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