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1695Re: [webalizer] DNS cache size

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  • Andrew
    Oct 31, 2002
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      Hi Brian!
                     I can't really answer this question with any kind of authority - it's only advice from my own observations :)  I run a webalizer script for a HEAP of sites within a large network - getting at least 200,000 page views per day (and many,many more "hits").  I was running webalizer without the name lookup feature - I ended up turning this on (the first run took about 8hrs @ 50threads requesting to a very fast name server).  The current size of my cache file is around 60MB - and seems to sit thereabouts :)

      You should ask your hosting provider to use the one cache file for all hosts - it makes a lot of sense for them as well - and in a way they are being tight for charging you for it (they charge you for the webspace, the logs, and then again to analyize the logs??).

      Actually, charging for log space at all bites me - when a host provides an account, there are normally bandwidth limitations -etc etc.....Logs are reasonably proportional to how much bandwidth you put out (in basic terms...i'm not talking about files) - so if you have a 10GB account with 100MB of space, you shouldn't be asked to pay extra for space for some logs.... With a good log caching system (on their end) - there will be no space issues.  We generate around 200MB of logs per day (not that much in comparision with some other people) - but it gets cut down to almost nothing by the script I have in place (and all the important stats are still kept).

      I know this is long - but hope it helped.


      Brian Smith wrote:
      I've got an account at a hosting site that uses Webalizer for stats
      analysis.  One thing I'm worried about is the size of the DNS cache file,
      since it comes out of my quota.  Does the file have a ceiling of some kind
      as far as size?  I know the entries have a "shelf life" of 3 days
      according to the documentation, but are old entries ever cleared out or
      are they simply revalidated when that IP comes up again?

      If it doesn't, then that presents a problem as it continues to grow.  If
      there is no automatic size control on it, I'm wondering if deleting the
      cache file will have it recreated on the next run.  It may come down to
      asking the hosting company about that, but I figured I'd try here first.

      Thanks to their broken Analog setup, I had to set up a job to delete that
      cache file daily.  That works rather well, but this is a bit more
      difficult to find an answer on.

      Thanks in advance...

      Brian Smith // avalon73 at arthurian dot nu // http://www.arthurian.nu/
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         -- Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt), Fight Club

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