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1694DNS cache size

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  • Brian Smith
    Oct 31, 2002
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      I've got an account at a hosting site that uses Webalizer for stats
      analysis. One thing I'm worried about is the size of the DNS cache file,
      since it comes out of my quota. Does the file have a ceiling of some kind
      as far as size? I know the entries have a "shelf life" of 3 days
      according to the documentation, but are old entries ever cleared out or
      are they simply revalidated when that IP comes up again?

      If it doesn't, then that presents a problem as it continues to grow. If
      there is no automatic size control on it, I'm wondering if deleting the
      cache file will have it recreated on the next run. It may come down to
      asking the hosting company about that, but I figured I'd try here first.

      Thanks to their broken Analog setup, I had to set up a job to delete that
      cache file daily. That works rather well, but this is a bit more
      difficult to find an answer on.

      Thanks in advance...

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