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1494Re: [webalizer] Country Listing "Old Style Arpanet"

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  • tunahanunal@hotpop.com
    Aug 1, 2002
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      Hi again,

      Im playing with options of webalizer which is downloaded from
      and im running webalizer on IIS5.0 + w2k.
      server's timezone is GMT+2 ..
      i could not arrange correctly -hourly graphics- stage of webalizer results.
      and webalizer shows hourly statistics 2 hours less than real(correct) time?
      i changed GMTTime option to 'yes' and 'no'
      even i checked 'Use local time for file naming and rollover' option of IIS but those didnot help me?

      what do you suggest me?

      Thanks For your interests ...

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