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139Re: unable to open DNS cache file

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  • john conrad
    Nov 22, 2000
      Thanks a lot!!!!

      All I did was give it any name (i.e.

      and everything worked just fine!!!

      It does take considerably longer though!! (Very!)

      Thanks again Klaus

      --- In webalizer@egroups.com, Klaus Mueller <k.mueller@i...> wrote:
      > > Hi, I'm trying to resolve IP's with webalizer, I set up bind and
      > > caching-nameserver from the RPMs that come in RedHat 7.0 and then
      > > DNSCache /var/named/named.ca
      > >
      > > When I run webalizer again I get the following error:
      > > Error: Unable to open DNS cache file /var/named/named.ca
      > >
      > > What can be wrong??
      > Is the file the cache of the DNS-Cache program? This does not work!
      You need
      > to specify another file for DNSCache at another location. Best is
      the output
      > directory of your generated log files. The file is used by webalizer
      > store the DNS resolve results.
      > Or you need to check the directory permissions if this ile is not
      part of
      > the DNS cache program.
      > Bye
      > Klaus
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