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1386RE: [webalizer] Include Command ?

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  • webmaster
    Jun 13, 2002
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      I tried using Ignore and Include host, Host, hostname, Hostname, HostName and I couldn't get it to work. I ended up using IgnoreSite and IncludeSite - I guess this will work

      Now I just need it to process the larger files... I'll read up on that next.


      Damien Stevens

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      webmaster wrote on 11-06-2002:

      > Is their some type of include command or equivalent?
      > I could use ignore to ignore sites, but I have about 50 sites
      > that I need to generate stats from the same log files, so I
      > would have to write 50 config files with different ignore
      > commands... is there some type of command that could ignore all
      > but one or 2 sites?

      I don't know if this is what your looking for:

      From the sample.conf:
      # The Include* keywords allow you to force the inclusion of log
      # records based on hostname, URL, user agent, referrer or username.
      # They take precidence over the Ignore* keywords.
      # Note: Using Ignore/Include combinations to selectivly process
      # parts of a web site is _extremely inefficent_!!! Avoid doing so
      # if possible (ie: grep the records to a seperate file if you
      # really want that kind of report).

      # Example: Only show stats on Joe User's pages...
      #IgnoreURL *
      #IncludeURL ~joeuser*

      # Or based on an authenticated username
      #IgnoreUser *
      #IncludeUser someuser
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