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1379RE: [webalizer] Re: Include Command ?

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  • Kees de Keizer
    Jun 13 12:55 AM
      webmaster wrote on 12-06-2002:

      > > use the *.conf without "IgnoreSite" generate two files:
      > > ignore_list_1 and ignore_list_2
      > > write tow shell-skripts where you do something like
      > > "cat ignore_list_1 >> *.conf.temp1" and start the
      > > webalizer with the -c *.conf.temp2
      > > and time the exectution of this script via cronjob
      > I neglected to mention that I am running this on a win2k box,
      > so I don't have grep, cron, cat, etc...

      use "type" instead of "cat"
      use "find" instead of "grep"
      use "scheduled tasks" instead of "cron"
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