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1349Re: [webalizer] webalizer.current file resets when?

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  • Kees de Keizer
    Jun 1, 2002
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      On Sat, 1 Jun 2002, Henk Schrik wrote:

      > But I wonder, how will the programma react overall in this
      > 'incremental' if you change the configuration after a while,
      > extra or less statictis for example.

      All entries are saved, so changing the number of entries in
      the top-lists is no problem. However, if you make changes
      in the Group* settings, its best that you remove the .current
      file and recalculate the statistics from the old logfiles.

      Needless to say that you still must have these files. If you
      don't have them anymore, you should not remove the .current
      file. The changed group settings will only be applied to the
      new logentries.
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