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1280Re: [webalizer] IIS log files are with 3 hours ahead,and are not following my local time.

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  • Kees de Keizer
    May 1, 2002
      sidvicious wrote on 30-04-2002:

      > I`m having problems with my IIS Server and this problem is
      > reflecting in my Webalizer Statistics. Every log that is
      > recorded in my IIS Server are with 3 hours ahead.
      > I think that the IIS may be using the GMT time (here in
      > Brazil our local time is GMT - 3:00) to record the logs.
      > Is there any way to make the IIS record logs in our local
      > time instead of any other one?

      The W3C format always log using GMT. If you want to use your
      local time, you should convert the log using the 'convlog'
      utility: convlog -ie ex*.log -t ncsa:-0300

      You could also log using the ncsa-format.

      Note that you should change the logtype in your webalizer
      settings to 'clf' instead of 'iis'.

      One other option is to use the 'ConvertTime' setting in
      the webalizer.conf. The notes says that it's for 'Test only'
      but you can give it a try:

      ConvertTime yes
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