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1279IIS log files are with 3 hours ahead,and are not following my local time.

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  • sidvicious
    Apr 30 11:26 AM
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      Hi Folks,

      I`m having problems with my IIS Server and this
      problem is reflecting in my Webalizer Statistics.
      Every log that is recorded in my IIS Server are with
      3 hours ahead. For example, in our local time it`s 3
      o'clock, but if some log is recorded in this moment,
      it`s saved with the hour 6 o'clock, always with 3 hours
      I think that the IIS may be using the GMT time (here
      in Brazil our local time is GMT - 3:00) to record the
      Is there any way to make the IIS record logs in our
      local time instead of any other one? My Server`s clock
      is fine, this is not the answer for this issue.

      Thanks a lot!

      Pedro Antonio

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