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1173Re: [webalizer] Can't delete index.html??

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  • Kees de Keizer
    Apr 1, 2002
      Op 01-04-2002 schreef windycitywoman:

      > I was tweaking the webalizer.conf file for running the Windows
      > Webalizer on an NT Web server.
      > After several attempts, I turned on the detailed debug switch and
      > found that Webalizer couldn't open it's own index.html to write to
      > it. When I go to DELETE the index.html file, I get an error message
      > saying there's been a sharing violation and the file is in use.
      > But, it's not.
      > What's the fix? I seem to remember that there's an "append"
      > switch, but what if I just want to start over from scratch?

      Reboot your system. This is an annoying NT bug. You see a file
      but it isn't there anymore. Reboot is the only known solution
      so far.
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