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109RE: [webalizer] Wrong numbers for sites and visitors with 2.x??

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  • Waitman Gobble
    Nov 1, 2000

      i am not sure about this, but if you look at log files a visitor may rack up
      more than one "site" on any particular visit. aol.com is a good one to look
      at, i believe that they way their set up works, their are multiple machines
      acting as proxy, they grab content and deliver back to client.

      that is how it appears to be working to me, from inspecting log files.


      Waitman Gobble
      Media Keepsakes
      Buena Park, CA

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      Subject: [webalizer] Wrong numbers for sites and visitors with 2.x??

      Since I installed the 2.x versions of webalizer (windows NT4 + Windows
      2000, apache log files) it seems that the numbers for sites and visitors
      are not correct. There are usually more sites than visitors, which does
      not make sense.

      I'm wondering now if the 1.3 version is correct or the 2.x version....

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