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LLRX.com update for June 1, 2001

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    Highlights of selected new content on LLRX.com for June 1, 2001 **My Kingdom for An Effective Internet Policy!
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      Highlights of selected new content on LLRX.com for June 1, 2001

      **My Kingdom for An Effective Internet Policy!

      **Navigating the Maze of Online Criminal Records Retrieval - An Update

      **CongressLine: Anti-Spam Legislation Hits Its Stride

      **Web Critic: OMB Watch Surveys State Legislative Sites; A Closer Look at

      **The Internet Roundtable #21: A Continuing Discussion of Law Firm Marketing on
      the Internet

      Jerry Lawson, Brenda Howard and Dennis Kennedy discuss: Bells and Whistles for
      Your Website, including CGI scripts, Java programs and JavaScripts, third party
      e-commerce features, ASP applications and more.

      **LLRX Latest Links

      -Campbell R. Harvey's Hypertextual Finance Glossary
      -Guide to Life Inside the European Union
      -Locating the Law
      -National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)
      -Stanford Securities Class Action Clearinghouse
      -Value Line Dow 30 Reports

      **Editor's Featured Site:

      Billed as "the portal of independents," NewPages' resources include selected
      groups of links to: independent publishers, alternative periodicals,
      independent bookstores, alternative newsweeklies, university presses, review
      resources, and lots more. The site is no frills, its content straight-forward
      with brief annotations, and most lists are arranged alphabetically. There is
      also an interesting Weblog on a wide range of topics including libraries,
      media, book reviews, music, culture, etc.

      **LLRX Newstand - Updated Daily

      Free Internet Content: Too Good to Be True?
      Advocates Want Privacy on U.S. Priority List
      Battle Brews Over Web Streaming
      Identity Thieves Thrive in Information Age
      Motorola Files Spam Lawsuit
      MPAA Files Brief in 2nd Circuit Against DVD-DeCSS
      Another Suit Jogs the Industry's Memory of Napster
      Child Proofing the Net Still an Unsettled Issue
      Internet Founder Worried Over EU Cybercrime Plans
      Company Subpoenas Threaten Free Flow of Ideas on the Web

      **Ask the Research Guide
      Q: How many Boeing 747's have crashed in the U.S. in the past 5 years?
      A: See the "Airplanes" entry in Zimmerman�s Research Guide
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