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Yale ISP's Reputation Economies in Cyberspace Symposium - Dec. 8, 20

The Information Society Project at Yale Law School is proud to present Reputation Economies in Cyberspace. The symposium will be held on December 8, 2007 at
Eddan Katz
Nov 15, 2007

Securing Indian National Cyber Space.. For Indian Members of the gr

Last month, a Swedish hacker got hold of passwords to the e-mail accounts of over 100 senior Government officials in India and published the same on Internet
Sep 26, 2007

Yale ISP's 2nd Annual Access to Knowledge conference (A2K2)

**Remote participation in the A2K2 conference on the accompanyong Wiki: http://research.yale.edu/isp/a2k/wiki/index.php/Yale_A2K2. We invite you to contribute
Eddan Katz
Apr 16, 2007

no activity

seems this list is down Ill try a web post. nothing going on for a long time. Whats up?!? CWSIV
Mar 8, 2007

Yale ISP's Open Standards International Symposium (OSIS)

OPEN STANDARDS INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM (OSIS) AT YALE LAW SCHOOL The Information Society Project at Yale Law School cordially invites you to attend the Open
Eddan Katz
Jan 17, 2007


This bibliography posted to the Net-Gold discussion group may be of possible interest to the members of this discussion group. From: "David P. Dillard"
David P. Dillard
Apr 11, 2006

Re: Access to Knowledge conference, April 21-23

Dear Ram - We will indeed be recording the entire proceedings of the conference and hope to make them available as both video streams and in full transcript as
Eddan Katz
Apr 6, 2006

Re: Access to Knowledge conference, April 21-23

Since the space is limited, request you to please post the presentations at this site for the benefit of all persons interested in this very good subject.
Ram V
Mar 11, 2006

Access to Knowledge conference, April 21-23

Access to Knowledge Conference Yale Information Society Project April 21-23, 2006 Yale Law School http://islandia.law.yale.edu/isp/a2kconfmain.html The
Yale Information Society Project
Mar 10, 2006

Important Statement to Review for Signing

Hello folks, Please review the important joint statement below, related to the WIPO Broadcaster's Treaty, and consider adding your signature if you are an
Seth Johnson
Mar 3, 2006

Yale ISP "Regulating Search?" Symposium - Dec. 3

Regulating Search? A Symposium on Search Engines, Law, and Public Policy December 3, 2005 Yale Law School New Haven, CT
Eddan Katz
Nov 10, 2005

Intl Electoral Standards and the Internet

See my blog post: http://www.dowire.org/notes/?p=66 Challenging the Norms and Standards of Election Administration: Standards for EMBs (Election Management
Steven Clift
Nov 3, 2005

Re: Possible Counterfit fraud

... Have a look at Yahoo's Terms; stripped of the waffle, they basically say "we can do as we please". Just refer him to clause 42 or whatever. ... If you're
Laurence Taylor
Sep 13, 2005

Re: Possible Counterfit fraud

Thanks Laurence for your advise. I had actually given him 48 hours notice to more to another hosting provider. Without a peep, he did but then again, I had
Sep 9, 2005

Re: Possible Counterfit fraud

... I wouildn't touch this with a bargepole. Even if you're not liable (and the fact that you know what he's doing may well make you liable), is this really
Laurence Taylor
Sep 9, 2005
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