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RE: [web-indexing] unambiguous subentries for web site accessibility

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  • James A Lamb
    Well, one solution is to include the heading in the subheading, so that you would have: Primary sector Primary sector, case studies Primary sector, conclusions
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 21, 2005
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      Well, one solution is to include the heading in the subheading, so that you
      would have:

      Primary sector
      Primary sector, case studies
      Primary sector, conclusions
      Secondary sector
      Secondary sector, case studies
      Secondary sector, conclusions

      Preferably using a different color for the repetitions for the headings.
      You could probably have the colors controllable by the user (using
      If the point is for screen reader software to cope, then you could even use
      the same color as the background and it would appear to be indented,



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      Sent: 20 September 2005 19:58
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      Subject: [web-indexing] unambiguous subentries for web site accessibility

      It turns out that if you want to create a web index for a site that is truly
      accessible, such as for blind people using a screen reader software, such as
      JAWS, you should not have subentries that are worded the same under
      different main entries. (See message below.) You would have to create
      longer, less ambiguous subentries, that may seem longer than necessary and
      of perhaps poor style, compared to book indexing. Well, it's something to


      Heather Hedden
      Hedden Information Management

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      From: "P.J. Gardner" <pjgardner@...>
      To: "Heather Hedden" <heather@...>
      Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2005 1:13 PM
      Subject: RE: Boston-IA Index Update

      > Hi, Heather,
      > For your information, there is an accessibility issue I wanted to bring to
      > your attention, especially if you want to give a talk about the
      > accessibility of your indexes.
      > My HTML syntax checker does not like having multiple links with the same
      > text.  It picks out items like this, for example:
      > <li><a href="resources/bibliography.html#accessible">bibliography</a></li>
      > <li><a href="resources/bibliography.html#css">bibliography</a></li>
      > <li><a href="resources/bibliography.html#web">bibliography</a></li>
      > It gives me a message like the following for each of these links:
      > *****
      > The link text "bibliography" has already been used to link to a different
      > resource (resources/bibliography.html#accessible). If more than one link
      > a page shares the same link text, then those links should point to the
      > resource. If two or more links refer to different resources but share the
      > same link text, then specify different values for the "title" attribute of
      > the "a" element to distinguish the links. [P2, 13.1]
      > *****
      > (P2, 13.1 is a reference to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines,
      > Priority 2, guideline 13.1.)
      > The use of exactly the same link text is a problem for screen readers,
      > since they take links out of context.  All that is listed in the JAWS link
      > list is the word "bibliography" multiple times.  Is there any technique
      > can think of to make the sub-level entries more meaningful out of context
      > for someone using a screen reader, like putting both levels in the same
      > entry?  It's something to think about.  I'd be curious to hear if you have
      > any ideas.
      > Thanks again for your help with this.  You have helped Boston-IA out a
      > great deal by providing this index for us.
      > Best Regards,
      > P.J.
      > ..............................................
      > P.J. Gardner
      > Information Designer
      > Founder & President
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      > Boston-IA
      > info@...
      > www.Boston-IA.org

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