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Re: War and Peace Show

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  • matchlesswdg3
    Lex, Sorry to hear about the car woes, but you did a good job on the Flea. I have posted a picture of you fixing the Flea on a new album on the site - W&P
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      Lex, Sorry to hear about the car woes, but you did a good job on the
      Flea. I have posted a picture of you fixing the Flea on a new album
      on the site - "W&P 06". I also put on one of you and the Budd. I
      guess you had engine problems with that as well?! I have a couple
      more photos and can email you them all if you want. Apologies for the
      colour on the Flea photo - it was an old film, I discovered! Also
      good photos are posted on the war and peace website. Am presently
      looking for a new project - a m/c combination. Price may mean I go
      for a Ural rather than a Zundapp/BMW which is what I really want, but
      out of my price league!! Has John finished the Big4 combo?? It was
      another excellent event at W&P - too hot! Nice to meet a couple of
      you. Its still interesting to see that there are probably as many,
      if not more German WW2 motorcycles than British at the event.

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      > Hi fergus and list,
      > Only just got back from the UK, had a bust engine on the car, while
      going to founders day (timing belt went sort of) and had to rely on
      the Flea for further transport!!! in the end the silencer was at
      fault, as the old carbon deposits were coming loose and blocking it.
      > Once I new this, I could scrape the bits out of the fishtail end
      and keep going, in all did about 75 miles total on it, not bad for a
      > Anyway any photo's are very much appreciated, as I didn't get to
      take many.
      > Cheers,
      > Lex
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      > Subject: [wdmotorcycles] Re: War and Peace Show
      > Stuart - I saw your PP - truly excellent!!!!! Pity I did not
      > up with you - I asked a couple of times at your display area. But
      > did catch up with Ed and Lex and it was good to meet up with
      > Lex seemed to be having some troubles with the Flying Flea on the
      > Friday rideout after a rush to get it running, but it got round
      > course as usual in fine style. Lex - I have some photos fo you
      > the prototype Jeep in the arena. Let me know if you want copies.
      > Great event, once again and as usual was enormous value for the
      > money. Some fantastic machinery - just no other event comes
      > anywhere close to this extravaganza of historic MVs. If you have
      > not been - next year is the 25th War and Peace. Just hope it is
      > QUITE so hot!!!
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      > <stuartseale@> wrote:
      > >
      > > I shall be at Beltring but unfortunately my M20 won't be. I'll
      > driving Pink Panther 10 FG 97 which will be with a number of
      > SAS Landrovers probably in the main field - arriving this
      > Sunday.Look us up.
      > > Cheers,
      > > Stuart Seale
      > > BATH
      > >
      > >
      > > To: wdmotorcycles@: fergus.anckorn@: Wed, 12 Jul 2006
      > 16:49:46 +0000Subject: [wdmotorcycles] War and Peace Show
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      > >
      > >
      > > Starts next Wednesday. Who is going along? I am arriving Wed.
      > morning and will try to find a place to camp in the vehicle field
      > (where the helo rides are). I am towing the G3 with the
      > Land Rover so if anyone fancies a cuppa - please find me.
      > the Friday rideout as usual, of course. See you there? Mobile
      > 158295 Cheers, Ferg.
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