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      By: The Coyote: Jim "Bad Blood" Steele

      -Jim "The Anvil" Niedhart has announced that he has signed with the
      WWF. It is still unsure how much he is going to be paid. This is the
      second brother in law of the Hart family to sign with the WWF since
      Owen Hart's death.

      -Dr. Harvey Schiller resigned Friday as president of Turner Sports and
      is expected to become chief executive officer of YankeeNets, the
      holding company of the baseball and basketball teams. (AP)

      -The ICP, who have recently signed a contract with WCW, have been
      released from their contracts late last week. There is no word as to
      why they were released but rumor has it that the ICP were beginning to
      become unpleasant to work with.

      -After much negotiating, Vampiro has finally agreed to terms with WCW
      and has signed his contract. He is getting paid much less than before
      but is expected to receive a major push with the possibility of a pay
      increase depending on how well he does.

      -Brad Armstrong, who is the brother of the Road Dogg Jesse James is
      planning on using his brothers gimmick in the WCW. The Road Dogg is
      all for it and wishes him the best of luck.

      -A representative from Turner's Standards and Practices department will
      attend all Nitros from now on since its turn from TVPG to TV14. It
      must also be noted that Nitro will no longer be running a 3 second tape
      delay but rather a 7 second delay for the East Coast.

      -Shane Douglas had surgery to repair his torn bicep this past week. He
      will be out of action until at least early December.

      -Debra is expected back on TV within a week or two. It is still
      unknown who she will valet for.

      -Al Snow dolls have been pulled from Walmart shelves due to complaints
      from women's rights activists. They claim that the mannequin head is
      demeaning and sends a negative message to children.

      -Rumor has it that former WWF star and current WCW employee Dustin
      Runnels will not be appearing on television anytime soon with his
      current gimmick, the soul taker. Instead a new gimmick has been
      designed for him and will be introduced in the weeks to come.

      -Steve Austin has asked management to reschedule his wrestling
      appearances in order to work around his busy Hollywood schedule. He
      now wants to work as minimally as possible by requesting to work only
      Raw and some Smackdown's.

      -Dr. Death Steve Williams has been released from the WWF effective
      November 1.

      -As stated last week, Vince McMahon is the head writer for all TV
      tapings and is being helped by Terry Taylor, Tony Blancha, and Kevin
      Kelley...Shane McMahon is also contributing.

      -Tammy Sytch passed out at a recent ECW taping. She denies it
      resulting from drug use. If in fact it was drug use, her employment
      with ECW will be immediately terminated as stated in her contract. She
      is still on probation.

      *It was a slow week for news. If you have any questions, comments, or
      criticisms please send all mail to the Coyote: Jim Steele at
      raslinews@......I welcome all mail and am happy to answer all your
      questions. Thank you....see you next week.

      By: Greg Ragland

      There is word that McMahon thinks the fans will still accept him as a
      heel. McMahon will probably turn heel and make Austin attack Jim Ross
      so the fans would accept Austin as a heel.

      The World Wrestling Federation is interested in doing a Tokyo Dome show
      in Japan in the year 2000. Meltzer says that the WWF would like to hold
      it on a Friday night, as opposed to a Sunday show where the wrestlers
      would have little time to rest between the Tokyo show and Raw the next

      Rey Mysterio Jr.'s knee injury could be worse than once expected.
      Mysterio has a torn meniscus in his knee and is trying to avoid
      surgery. Mysterio was told by his doctor that he might need the
      surgery, but Mysterio is interested in getting another opinion.
      Mysterio wants Jim Andrew's opinion, who is a well known physician and
      has worked with other WCW wrestlers. Early estimation is that if
      Mysterio had surgery, he would be out of action from 2 - 6 months.
      Mysterio would like to avoid the surgery if he can, because he is happy
      the direction that his career is currently going with WCW's new booking

      Wade Keller reports that Vince Russo has decided to pull Hulk Hogan and
      Ric Flair off World Championship Wrestling for the time being. The idea
      behind it is that both have been overexposed in recent years and need
      time off. Both are working angles at this time to explain their absence,
      Hogan's being that he has quit the company in a worked shoot and
      Ric Flair is working an injury by Diamond Dallas Page from the
      Halloween Havoc pay per view.

      The hopes are that the company can build around a younger core of
      wrestlers that have yet to be built upon and that ratings will begin to
      steadily increase. By some point next year, the return of Hogan and
      Flair could be used a ratings spike but that both would be used in
      limited fashion instead of carrying the company.

      The idea behind Hogan's leave is that he will return under his real
      name of Terry Bollea and will battle the powers that be as referred to
      as on television. Some are comparing it to last years hot program
      between Steve Austin and Vince McMahon.

      Ric Flair meanwhile has not yet been given an idea of a long term
      program but was reported as not being to fond of being pulled from
      television. His son David Flair has returned to the company and he was
      promised a strong initial push in the wake of his fathers absence from
      the company.


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      By: Greg Ragland

      Ever since Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara suddenly left WWF several weeks
      ago, the Wrestling world, and "Internet Insiders" have been abuzz with
      what can possibly happen to the "Monday Night War" after the defection
      to WCW.

      Now, just a short time later, it seems we have our answer.

      The much touted "Family Friendly" WCW has become yet another TV-14
      rated show. Wrestling Veterans such as Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair seem to
      have become victims of the New Regime (Affectionately called The Powers
      That Be). Solid performers are getting what seems to be minor pushes
      and established "Mid-card" stars are moving to the next level. Or are

      The one thing that is certain is that Russo and Ferrara have indeed
      shaken up Vince McMahon, if only a bit. Witness the "Rebirth" of
      Degeneration X in the past week. The buzz is that the WWF didn't have
      High Level Heels. Thing is, they did. HHH was doing just fine as the
      companies top Heel. So, why did they put reintroduce DX? One take on it
      is that because of the Defection, Vince McMahon was forced to move up
      his timetable, and bring back DX early so that WCW couldn't resurrect
      the NWO without looking like they are "copying" WWF stories. Another
      has it that this was a desperation move, to keep the WWF above WCW in
      the ratings. And yet another has it that Vince McMahon is afraid of the
      Powers That Be. Whatever the truth is, one thing is for sure.. TV
      Wrestling is going to get a lot more interesting.

      There are a few things that I hope we can see sometime in the future.
      It looks as if Bret Hart is finally getting back to his Face roots, and
      is getting a big push along with it. Will we see Bret as the winner of
      the 32 man World Championship Tournament? Sting came out without Face
      Paint, and in my opinion, it's a precursor of the Stinger of old
      returning. (Was that a short Heel turn or what?) Sid Vicious is still
      deluded, but I hope that delusion continues. It's entertaining, and Sid
      has indeed Jobbed when needed, and deserves recognition. There's rumor
      of doing away with the Cruiserweight division.. I hope not. it gives
      the smaller guys a chance to shine. And who would EVER believe Rey
      Mysterio as US or World HEAVYWEIGHT Champ?

      With that all said, the only thing left is this. WCW has improved, but
      the WWF has not lost it's luster. That settles the question on Who was
      responsible for the WWF's success. The Defection has caused confusion
      and one other thing.. Competition. And with that, ALL of the TV
      Wrestling should get much, MUCH better. And we all win in that case.


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      By: Trevor Crenshaw

      Many of you saw the DX reunion coming. Many of you didn't. If you
      were a part of the Wrestling Resource newsletter a little over a month
      ago, you'll remember I predicted a reunion at Unforgiven. Unfortunately,
      I was wrong. My prediction was a month off target.

      Is this week's "Slam of the Week" devoted to the DX reunion? No.

      #1- The DX reunion happened over a week ago, so it can't be considered.
      #2- The DX reunion could have been a lot more magical than it was. If
      you want to see how I would have scripted it, check out the article I wrote
      a month ago (http://www.egroups.com/docvault/wrestlingresource/UCB.txt)

      This week's "Slam of the Week" is devoted to the DX Vs Austin & Rock
      vignettes that we were treated to on Smackdown this past Thursday. The
      DX attack on the Rock conjured up old memories of the 80's version of
      the Four Horsemen beating their opponents to a pulp in the parking lot.
      Mr Ass' clothesline to the Rock that resulted in both men landing on
      top of the Lincoln was incredible and captivating. The entire scenario
      made me "mark out".

      Then we were treated to Stone Cold's open hunting season on DX.
      Probably the funniest visual I've seen on TV in a long time was Road
      Dogg with his leg in a bear trap. Just thinking of how someone could
      overlook the big toothed apparatus and actually step in it makes me want
      to bust a gut. However the icing on the cake was seeing the Road Dogg
      writhe in "pain" as it was clamped around his leg.

      Humor and a little old school mugging scored big with this columnist
      for this week's "Slam of the Week".

      Every week, WR Sports Entertainer is giving out cool prize packs to
      it's subscribers. How do you win one? All you have to do is be the
      first to answer the weekly trivia question correctly.

      Last week's Trivia Question was:
      I attended WrestleMania's 4, 5, 10, & 11. What arenas were these
      event's held in?

      Mrprissy10@... answered this question correctly and she will get a
      vintage wrestling video from the WR archive. For those of you who
      don't know the answer to the question, the correct answer is:

      4 - Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino, Atlantic City
      5 - Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino Convention Center, Atlantic City
      10 - Madison Square Garden, New York City
      11 - Hartford Civic Center, Hartford

      This week's trivia question is an easy one. Please name the individual
      in the pictures located at:

      Send your answers to: TJAngle@...

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      ON TOUR
      By: Greg Ragland

      We try hard to include all events sponsored by WWF, WCW, and ECW. If
      you know any tour dates that aren't listed, or are an Independent Promoter
      who would like to be included in these listings, E-mail me any information to

      --November 1 -- 5
      WCW -- TV
      Diamond Dallas Page and Kimberly -- Hollywood Squares

      --November 2 -- 6
      WCW -- UK
      Bret Hart -- Promotional tour, interview with the BBC

      --Tuesday, November 2
      WWF -- SmackDown! taping
      Philadelphia, Pa. -- First Union Center

      --Thursday, November 4
      WWF -- Signing (Chris Jericho, Road Dogg and Mr. Ass)
      Virgin Megastore -- Times Square -- NY -- 6 to 8pm

      WCW -- 20/20
      Interviews with Goldberg and Paul Orndorf

      --Friday, November 5
      Lexington, Ky. -- Rupp Arena

      WWF -- Signing (NEW AGE OUTLAWS)
      Freedom Dodge -- New Circle Road -- Lexington, KY 4 to 6pm

      WCW -- Article
      Entertainment Weekly -- Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara

      --Saturday, November 6
      Raleigh, N.C. -- Raleigh Entertainment & Sports Arena

      WWF -- Signing (MANKIND)
      Books-A-Million, 4031 Old Wake Forest Road -- Raleigh NC -- 1 to 3pm

      WWF -- Signing (KANE)
      Ray Price Harley Davidson, 1126 S. Saunders St -- Raleigh NC -- 4 to 5pm

      WCWO (Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws)
      *For directions and ticket information contact
      Clinton, Indiana -- Old High School Gym -- 7:30

      --Sunday, November 7
      Hershey, Pa. -- Hershey Park Arena

      WWF -- Signing (MANKIND)
      Wal-Mart, 6535 Greyson Road -- Harrisburg PA -- 2 to 4pm

      ECW -- PPV
      Buffalo, NY -- November to Remember -- Burt Flickenger Center

      --Monday, November 8
      WCW -- Nitro
      Indianapolis, Ind. -- Conseco Fieldhouse

      WWF -- Raw is War
      State College, Pa. -- Bryce Jordan Center

      --Tuesday, November 9
      WCW -- TV taping
      Champaign, Ill. -- Assembly Hall

      WWF -- SmackDown! taping
      Baltimore, Md. -- Baltimore Arena

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