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Re: VNS3 memory allocation issue

... It could be an unseen memory leak. Does it get better if you exit VNS and then render the next 100 frames? It does. The memory goes back to ‘normal’
Brett Winklesky
Jun 2, 2015

Re: VNS3 memory allocation issue

... It could be an unseen memory leak. Does it get better if you exit VNS and then render the next 100 frames? ... I don't know of any leaks specific to
Support Human
Jun 2, 2015

VNS3 memory allocation issue

Hi all- I have been working on a project that is running out of memory after it renders just over 100 frames. It seems to be the result of the "Commit Set"
Jun 1, 2015

Re: VNS3 crash when rendering cut plan

A little late in responding to this one. I have run hundreds of cut block simulations using VNS3 and the issue you describe comes up often. The most success
May 6, 2015

Re: VNS3 crash when rendering cut plan

Yes, I checked that. But I think the problem is most likely being caused by sliver polygons created between my forest cover and my cutblocks. VNS seems to be
Guy Asselin
Feb 4, 2015

Re: VNS3 crash when rendering cut plan

Probably an obvious answer, but have you checked the integrity of your polygon representing the cut plan? It could be that it has self-intersections or other
Feb 4, 2015

VNS3 crash when rendering cut plan

Hi everyone, I'm working on a harvest plan visualization project. So I have the actual forest coverage (20 type forest types from a shapefile) and a harvest
Feb 3, 2015

VNS reseller and trainer in France

Does anybody knows someone who is a reseller and/or trainer for Visual Nature Studio in France. On 3D Nature website, it says: Mr Philippe Rapaport, but it
Oct 27, 2014

Daylon Leveller 4.1 available

Hi everyone, The Daylon Leveller terrain editor is now at version 4.1, adding Unicode support for international language characters. Filenames can contain
Ray Gardener
Aug 30, 2014

Re: Terraffectors not rendering

Hi, Do your roads extend beyond your DEM? I had a problem with terrafectors not rendering for that reason before. Good luck Jan Spencer From:
Spencer, Jan -FS
Jun 10, 2014

Terraffectors not rendering

Hi,   For some strange reason in my project using VNS 3.09 I find that my roads (terraffectors that I use all the time) are not rendering, despite being
Cherilyn Drew
Jun 10, 2014

Re: Window 8 issues

hello, may be a silly thing, but did you try to rename the install drive into G? [so not installing to C :) ] did you reinstall it or just copied? regards rolf
Rolf Gabler-Mieck
May 12, 2014

Window 8 issues

Hello, I’m trying to set up a window 8 machine as a render engine. I’m able to start VNS 3.05, but when I load the project file I get this, “VNS.EXE –
Dave Osti
May 8, 2014

Re: VNS crashes on rendering

Thank you for your reply, as i tought the problem is caused by some vectors linked to the 2 lane highway terrafector; i tried to disable this terrafector and
Feb 27, 2014

Re: VNS crashes on rendering

Fabio, If you open VNS, load the project and set the render range in the render options from 1231 to 2500, does the project render? All I can think of is that
Adam Hauldren
Feb 26, 2014
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