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Re: VNS crashes on rendering Thank you for your reply, as i tought the problem is caused by some vectors linked to the 2 lane highway terrafector; i tried to disable this terrafector and
Feb 27
Re: VNS crashes on rendering Fabio, If you open VNS, load the project and set the render range in the render options from 1231 to 2500, does the project render? All I can think of is that
Adam Hauldren
Feb 26
VNS crashes on rendering Hallo everyone, i m creating an animation of about 4300 frames (3 min) with VNS 3.05, on a Windows XP Professional Q6600 Core2 Quad with 4GB Ram System. After
Feb 26
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Re: Authorization issue Thanks for getting back to me. It is a USB key. I hadn't thought about getting the latest software as I just used my install CD. I shall try that and report
Feb 20
Re: Authorization issue ... Hi Mark. Parallel or USB hardware key? What exact version of WCS 6? If it's not the latest on our website, go get the latest and try again. --
Support Human
Feb 20
Re: Authorization issue Does the dongle still come up as authorized on the old machine? I switch between XP-32, Vista-32, and Win7-64 with my dongle; I'm not aware of anything quirky
Scott Cherba
Feb 20
Authorization issue Hello. I've sent two e-mails, I left a telephone message yesterday and I sent a message via the 3DNature support form. I have not heard anything back at all.
Feb 19
Table to graph I have a table that represents a series of water elevations for a reservoir over time. Is it possible to import the table and use the time/elevation values to
Feb 12
Re: Adding wind blown tree to the edge of an ecosystem Hi AdamThanks for your reply. I had an idea that this was the way to do it - I just didn't know how to implement it!> I can send you a simple project with
Gillian Donaldson-Selby
Feb 10
Re: Adding wind blown tree to the edge of an ecosystem Gillian, You have described exactly how to achieve this ;) Use a simple Image gradient (created in Photoshop or similar) - 1 pixel wide and 100 or so pixels
Adam Hauldren
Feb 8
Re: Adding wind blown tree to the edge of an ecosystem colourmap of windblow underneath the polygon? I've not had a chance to play with VNS for a while, but i did something similar and recall that i did something
ben clinch
Feb 7
Curling Advertisement made with VNS I uploaded a short video made with VNS and Adobe AfterEffects. Its an advertisement for an upcoming curling bonspiel. Check it out. Look for
Feb 6
Re: Adding wind blown tree to the edge of an ecosystem ... I can't think of any Dynamic Parameter tricks that would allow you to do this, but I'll keep scratching my head and see if I come up with anything. --
Support Human
Feb 6
Adding wind blown tree to the edge of an ecosystem I need to add some wind blown trees to the edge of a tree ecosystem. Is it possible to do it by driving the Group Density (of the wind blown trees) with a
Feb 6
VNS2 software for sale Apologies for the forum post, i am unable to contact the 3Dnature webmaster. ======================================================== Boxed, prestine condition
Dec 28, 2013
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Re: Natureview terrain problems Hi Marco and Scott, Many thanks both for responding :) Adam is currently casting his beady eye over the project itself, but I can send you the NVE scene so you
Dec 21, 2013
Re: Natureview terrain problems Jon, I'd be happy to test your file too. Let us know when you have a download link. Marco Gualdrini GEOgrafica - Italy
Marco Gualdrini
Dec 20, 2013
Re: Natureview terrain problems hehe snooze and you lose Scott ;) Thanks both for responding - I've done a bit more testing and the problem appears to be with the texmap although I don't know
Dec 17, 2013
Re: Natureview terrain problems Doggone, but Adam's beat me to it again! ;) If you'd like to zip the files and send them along, I'll take a look too. Scott ... From: wcsml@yahoogroups.com
Scott Cherba
Dec 16, 2013
Re: Natureview terrain problems Jon, I'll admit it's been a while since I've done any realtime output, so can't confirm or deny your findings. Happy to take a look at your project though, and
Adam Hauldren
Dec 16, 2013
Natureview terrain problems Hello fellow VNS-ers, it’s been a while! ;) I have an issue with a recently generated SX2 scene in that when it loads I get terrain tiles dropping in and
Dec 16, 2013
Re: the disappearing zoom Does this happen with all 3D objects? Does the near terrain the model is on also disappear? ... From: wcsml@yahoogroups.com [mailto:wcsml@yahoogroups.com]On
Scott Cherba
Nov 27, 2013
Re: Importing arcmap shapefiles into VNS:scale issues Are you saying that this happens with all shapefiles? What do you mean by "model space"? Shapefiles should be evaluated relative to the DEMs. Shapefile
Scott Cherba
Nov 27, 2013
Importing arcmap shapefiles into VNS:scale issues When I import shape files into VNS, the scale is off (the shapefile are significantly smaller than the model space). Are there ways to make sure that they
Nov 26, 2013
Re: the disappearing zoom this was fixed by eliminating some problematic vectors ... I'm building a suburban development model for riparian buffer design. When I zoom in beyond a
Nov 26, 2013
the disappearing zoom I'm building a suburban development model for riparian buffer design. When I zoom in beyond a certain scale, the unrendered model completely dissolves, so I
Nov 4, 2013
Re: Telephone Poles Set Hi Karl, The telephone pole 3D Objects are just like other 3DOs. You have to tell VNS where to put them. For close-ups there's the set of poles with wires
Scott Cherba
Oct 12, 2013
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Re: Telephone Poles Set Can anyone explain how the telephone poles set 3D object in the VNS 3d Object Gallery works? It appears to be a series of two poles connected by wires. The
Karl Keough
Oct 11, 2013
Re: Render Problems building a virtual OS using win7-32 bit could either solve the problem..maybe (??) some performance less... https://www.virtualbox.org/ ... --
Rolf Gabler-Mieck
Oct 7, 2013
Re: Render Problems ... I'd suggest continuing to run it on the previous computer you had before you purchased a new computer. Or, unless you need 64-bit capability, downgrade one
Support Human
Oct 4, 2013
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