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Re: a long island pagan group

OH lord girl!!!!! so sorry to hear all that. doncha just love family? Is there anything I can do to help girl? i kno i am all the way out here on the
Jodi Topol
Aug 27, 2006

Re: a long island pagan group

HEY GUYS, lol here's my update. just when i started comming back online, my grandparents got sick. my grandmother is actually getting open heart sergery this
stephanie krass
Aug 27, 2006

Re: a long island pagan group

Yup still alive and kickin'. Stand Strong, Tofadim ... everyone is pretty talkative there. It's called the LIOpenCircle. Just thought I would pass the word
Aug 21, 2006

a long island pagan group

I found a yahoo group for Long Island Pagans. It seems that everyone is pretty talkative there. It's called the LIOpenCircle. Just thought I would pass the
Jodi Topol
Aug 21, 2006

hey guys

im sorry ive been away. im sorry to see no one has had the oportunity to talk to each other as well. if any one would like to contact me on a more regular
Jul 9, 2006

Re: new memebers

yea i sowwies... it was a hectic day like that and i couldn't get back to ya... definitely should get together.. misses ya muches! when u gonna be out here
Jodi Topol
May 9, 2006

Re: new memebers

hey girl i tried calling you back the other day. we should get together i was out for work in long island..went to a li ducks game..and thought of u! Jodi
stephanie krass
May 8, 2006

Re: new memebers

nobody seems to be givin any input... is there anyone alive out there? ... __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Tired of spam?
Jodi Topol
May 7, 2006

new memebers

i see we have a few new members. should we set up a time that we are all free to talk? i have finished moving in and have more time.if not i will be on
May 6, 2006

Re: im finally back

i HOPE he got it when you asked him about handfastings. if he didn't.... well, he isn't a blonde after-all. rite? do you want any of the info i found out?
Jodi Topol
Mar 30, 2006

Re: im finally back

LOL A BIT OF BOTH. kinda my fault. im sure he got it when i point blankly asked him what he thought about hand fastings. and i know i told u jodi that he was
stephanie krass
Mar 29, 2006

Re: im finally back

i am totally out of the closet. i feel kinda wierd goin thru this in an e-mail that was sent by you Steph... lol. but for everyone else.... so yea, everyone
Jodi Topol
Mar 27, 2006

im finally back

well im finally back online, althought for the time being ive got to deal with dialup :(. if i havent kept you guys posted, im in the process of moving. i
Mar 22, 2006


Yeah so what's up guys? Stand Strong, Orphan
Mar 19, 2006

Re: Hello

Hey! I am actually on Long Island.... Been Pagan for.... umm.... not quite sure exactly how long, but lets just say its been long enough for my parents to
Jodi Topol
Mar 13, 2006
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