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Re: [wccusdtalk] Re: Charles Ramsey's (loud) free speech/Suspensions & Expulsion

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  • Diamel@aol.com
    Michael, Your comprehensive post is welcoming news. It appears that the district is starting to seriously address the high rate of suspensions and expulsions
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 12, 2007
      Your comprehensive post is welcoming news. It appears that the district is
      starting to seriously address the high rate of suspensions and expulsions in a
      meaningful way. I am a teacher in the district, currently working at DeJean
      Middle and have taught grades k-8 in our schools. As an experienced teacher in
      the district, I know for a fact that transferring discipline behavior problems
      to another site was a common practice. We commonly referred to the students as
      “Greenwoods” kids. These students would arrive in your classroom
      approximately 3 weeks before school was out sometimes earlier. We also have a Community
      Day School next to the Nystrom campus that is not much better. I believe they
      house K-6 students that have discipline issues. This approach has crippled many
      students and pushed them out of an opportunity to learn.
      You wrote: “At the District Safety Committee last year, we received data on
      referrals….”District/Site policies (suspensions and expulsions) are not
      administered equitably… site to site… We clearly have an alignment problem. I agree
      that District/Site policies are not administered equitably and that needs to
      be corrected. Michael, how did you become a member of the district’s safety
      committee? Can one volunteer to be on this committee?
      I’m really hopeful that Bruce Harter, our new superintendent is open to
      change in terms of working collaboratively with teachers, students, and community
      as well as other agencies to improve the education of our students in our
      communities. I was not aware of most of the programs that you posted to address
      discipline issues, suspensions or expulsions, so thank you for bringing that to
      my attention and to the attention of others on this post. As I stated earlier, I
      ’ve been around a while; obviously, teachers new to the district could use
      support services. That is why it is imperative that alignment occurs and that we
      collaborate as a district to correct these issues.
      I would also urge the District to ensure data is accurately reported and that
      we do more to inform the community, parents, teachers… I think the district
      should give all stakeholders in the district an opportunity to actively
      participate. I would be a willing participant in our efforts to improve education for
      our students and safe working and learning environments. I would strongly
      suggest that we have a Safe School conference/summit, sponsored by the district
      to review programs that you listed in your post and discuss the data as well as
      issues…perhaps come up with a district wide plan that is feasible for our
      schools. We should also take a serious look at the Zero Tolerance Policy. I don’t
      think there is a clear interpretation.
      Note: I just returned from our National Education Association (NEA)
      Representative Assembly. Our Education not Incarceration Caucus submitted a New
      Business Item that was adopted by the delegates on reducing the number of suspensions
      and expulsions. NEA could be another resource to collaborate with.
      Thank you,
      Diane Brown, Teacher, DeJean Middle

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