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Re: Temper an issue for school trustee

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  • rebecca494
    I read the article cited below and I couldn t agree more with Times Political Editor Lisa Vorderbrueggen. I have watched Charles Ramsey blow his top for the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 9, 2007
      I read the article cited below and I couldn't agree more with Times
      Political Editor Lisa Vorderbrueggen. I have watched Charles Ramsey
      blow his top for the last 14 years. I am sure many more than Marcia
      Osborn and the art teacher have been the target of his tongue
      lashings. But he keeps doing it because he gets away with it. I think
      it is time that the WCCUSD Board censures him. He reminds me of Chris
      Daly, the current San Francisco Supervisor, who similarly blows up.
      The S.F. Board of Supervisors is thinking of censuring him. I hope
      they do so.

      Censureship is a big move as Board members of every stripe need
      another vote for their own issues, but enough is enough. Yes, Mr.
      Ramsey may have passion and may vote the right way (or the wrong way
      as the case may be), but his behavior demeans us all.

      I would like to say that while I do not know Mr. Temple, the art
      teacher, I have observed Marcia Osborn over the years and all her
      great contributions to the school district. She and her late husband
      saw two kids graduate from this school district. School volunteers
      don't necessarily have to have kids in the school, at this moment, to
      be a dedicated volunteer. It is enough that parents see their
      children through the WCCUSD from K-12. That says a lot about parent
      commitment, especially when the parent couples that commitment with
      active volunteer work like Marcia has done.

      And what is this official status thing that Mr. Ramsey refers too? I
      think those of us who have seen our kids through this district through
      the thick and the thin of it, have official status as parents of
      alumni of the WCCUSD.

      Rebecca Hazlewood

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      > Temper an issue for school trustee
      > Contra Costa Times
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      COSTA School Board Trustee Charles Ramsey's runaway mouth has once
      again gotten him into trouble. A volunteer and a teacher are calling
      for the school board to discipline Ramsey for what they describe as
      the trustee's verbally abusive, threatening and bullying behavior at
      El Cerrito High School in late May.
      > http://www.contracostatimes.com/lisavorderbrueggen/ci_6327319
      > A Medina
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      > the love, wisdom and power of parents"
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