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Comments on Charles Ramsey - Thank you wccusdtalk

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  • Alicia Medina
    I want to acknowledge this list as being such an excellent way to gauge what is going on in this district, and how great of an example of the masses we are
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2007
      I want to acknowledge this list as being such an excellent way to gauge what
      is going on in this district, and how great of an example of "the masses" we
      are here.

      Charles Ramsey has "it". That powerful presence and his dedication to this
      district. When I ran into a former board member at my local Long's Drugs,
      I felt comfortable enough to give them my personal opinion on Charles
      Ramsey. Hey I didn't work for the district, so anything I said couldn't
      be used against me like getting me fired or anything.

      This former board member had a "lost" look when I mentioned the
      possibility of our school board WITHOUT Charles Ramsey. This
      was a long time colleague, and I had appreciated this board member
      many times with managing to sit up there and ask some intelligent
      questions. Yeah Yeah, never mind about follow through.

      I will leave him with the same question that I left the other board
      members when their term was up.
      What will be your legacy? With your YEARS of being a board
      The bond program?
      Do you think that will
      hold up to be a legacy? Making appearances to get a parcel
      tax passed? Yes, Mr. Ramsey has at times worked tirelessly
      for our district. He does expect to be recognized.

      I hope he can be recognized as leaving a legacy for his years
      of public service here on our school board. I would like for
      him to make it his mission to use that "it" he has and
      bring an action item to the board to establish a "SSC Committee"
      consisting of staff from State/Federal programs, SSC members
      and board members so that when a site is found out of
      compliance by the State/Federal Programs, there is a policy
      on the books for what to do. The Education Code is not

      I feel that if Mr. Ramsey REALLY knew how much money was being
      misspent, he would take that "it" he has and get to the bottom of it.
      With his recognition in the community and his presence on television,
      he could make things happen. And he has the support of all his board
      members - I have seeen that.

      And as for the example he sets with his problem solving skills when someone
      or something has annoyed him?

      I think if Mr. Ramsey would have heard my 12 year old inviting his friend to
      come with us to a school board meeting, he would have been ashamed. My
      kid was telling him that one guy up there always gets mad and its funny
      to watch. But hey the good thing Mr. Ramsey, people are watching!!


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