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Re: state trustee and new assoc. superintendent of business services.

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  • Ralph Bedwell
    Ms. Grundhoffer is reportedly paid from WCCUSD funds. How much is she being paid? Ralph
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 29, 2007
      Ms. Grundhoffer is reportedly paid from WCCUSD funds. How much is she
      being paid?


      --- In wccusdtalk@yahoogroups.com, "gregorychang" <gregorychang@...>
      > For all those who are interested, state trustee Linda Grundhoffer
      > visited the WCCUSD budget advisory committee to introduce herself and
      > discuss her role. New Associate Superintendent of Business Services
      > Sheri Gamba also met with the committee.
      > Ms. Grundhoffer has 34 years of experience working in and with public
      > schools, including roles such as chief business officer, bookkeeper,
      > payroll and even as a principal's secretary. She has worked at school
      > districts in Oakland, Lafayette, and San Ramon, among others.
      > Ms. Grundhoffer said she was headed for retirement when the trustee
      > position opened up and state officials invited her to apply for it,
      > after becoming familiar with her during her role as a consultant with
      > the Financial Crisis and Management Assistance Team (www.fcmat.org).
      > As she described her role, it appears she basically has veto power
      > over the school board when it comes to financial matters. And she has
      > a lot of flexibility in how she chooses to exercise her authority –
      > there is no tool kit or standard operating procedure for a state
      > trustee. She was compared to a ``Goddess'' when it comes to WCCUSD
      > financial matters and she didn't disagree.
      > She said she plans to play an active role in recommending financial
      > strategies to WCCUSD staff. She will not be merely supervising and
      > monitoring.
      > She is accountable to Jack O'Connell, the state superintendent of
      > public instruction. Although she works for the state, her salary is
      > paid out of district funds.
      > She works under a 1-year contract which may be renewed. Once she gets
      > settled in, Ms. Grundhoffer expects to spend two days a week working
      > with district financial staff. She also makes verbal reports once a
      > month to state and county staff. We asked that her reports be made
      > public and she said she would look into it.
      > The biggest financial problem facing the WCCUSD is declining
      > enrollment, according to Ms. Grundhoffer. She has worked with 25
      > districts over the last three years and all but one has had declining
      > enrollment. This challenge is usually met by cutting staff, she said.
      > She may be reached at statetrustee@... and intends to set
      > up an email through the district computer system soon.
      > Ms. Gamba is joining WCCUSD from the Antioch school district, where
      > she worked for three years, first as a consultant and then as chief
      > business officer. She has worked in public education for about 20
      > years starting in Mt. Diablo, and has experience at the school,
      > district and county levels.
      > Ms. Gamba said her strength is her ability to make the connection
      > between budgets and educational programs. The way the state funds
      > education makes it difficult to maintain small schools, she said. But
      > as a parent, she recognizes the reasons for the popularity of small
      > schools. In fact, she shopped around for a smaller school when her own
      > child was starting school in the Mt. Diablo school district. Still,
      > she said research hasn't necessarily proven a causal connection
      > between smaller schools and educational performance.
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