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Re: Parcel tax. New one is different than the old one.

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  • rebecca494
    The previous parcel tax had a sunset provision of 5 years. This means that that particular tax expires. The school district parcel tax the Municipal
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      The previous parcel tax had a sunset provision of 5 years. This means
      that that particular tax expires. The school district parcel tax the
      Municipal Recreational Assessment District (MRAD) has no sunset
      provision that is why it goes on year in and year out, but it is a
      parcel tax. So the WCCUSD has one ongoing parcel tax with no sunset
      provision; one that is about to expire, and a new one that is on the

      Thank you Jim for bringing this up.

      As to whether all the additional taxes are needed: some are some
      aren't. Clearly the parcel tax for the Doctor's Hospital was needed.
      This parcel tax is a pittance compared to what the WCCUSD takes in as
      parcel tax. It seems to me that our local governmental entities are
      putting any kind of tax on the ballot that can be conceived (mail-in
      for example); increases in taxes on our utility bills; sales tax etc,
      business tax, because they can. Not looking carefully at all these
      tax increases is going to lead to another Proposition 13 tax revolt.

      Look around, maybe some surrounding districts have higher parcel
      taxes, but none have higher bond costs. But, both types of property
      taxes appear on your property tax bill.

      As citizens and taxpayers we cannot abnegate our role and our
      diligence on these local tax measures. Some are warranted and some are
      not. The threat of losing the programs referred to has been with this
      school district since my oldest son entered the then RUSD in 1986 and
      ways have been found to keep the programs going.

      Rebecca Hazlewood

      --- In wccusdtalk@yahoogroups.com, jim cowen <jimcowen@...> wrote:
      > This is NOT a renewal of an existing tax with one exception.
      > There are at least THREE exceptions.
      > 1. increase for school safety
      > 2. the rate per homeowner is increasing (a lot)
      > 3. the term of the tax is longer (it is 8 years?, and the old one
      was only 5?)
      > RENEWAL or NEW - that is just semantics. Proponents will say the
      old one is expiring (as was proposed when it was passed), and this is
      just a renewal. Opponents will say the old one is expiring, and this
      is a NEW tax.
      > I am not opposed to school taxes in general, and I hope the funds
      continue to come in. But the school board is it's own worst enemy.
      The construction bonds are so full of waste, mismanagement, and almost
      certain corruption that it's a wonder ANY bond or tax can be passed.
      > And, while recent worksheets seem pretty forthcoming with regard
      to the expiring and new parcel tax, that only became the case when
      they (school board) wanted to try to pass another one.
      > When it's time to try to get sound bites and quotes into the
      press, and cute slogans for campaign signs, it's great to use things
      like "just a renewal" and "great accountability". And, although I
      think it is fooling the voting masses, I think the end result is just.
      > But, on this chatboard, I'm certain most people are much too
      educated on the truth to be fooled, and I think pretenting those
      positive spins are absolutely truthful is insulting to the collective
      chatboards' intelligence.
      > I was intrigued recently when the West County Wastewater District
      increased their annual rate, which is charged in the same section of
      the property tax bill that school bonds and taxes are. While they did
      not need to get voter approval, they nonetheless presented a case for
      raising the fee from $170/year to $180. They then listed a comparison
      to the same fees in nearby districts, which all were in the $350 -
      $500+ range. Made the $10 bump seem insignificant. If the parcel tax
      detractors ever do a similar comparison, I fear that voters will see
      that WCCUSD taxes, bonds, and fees are already much higher than in
      neighboring school districts; and we have less to show for it.
      > Sign me...
      > -Pro kids.
      > -OK with school taxes
      > -Frustrated and furious about past WCCUSD school board waste
      and incompetence.
      > Jim Cowen
      > Tammera Campbell <tammeracampbell@...> wrote:
      > This is NOT a new parcel tax, but a RENEWAL of one already
      in existence with one exception. There is an increase with the added
      recipient of school safety.
      > Cathy Travlos <cbt@...> wrote: There's been a lot of talk lately
      about the new parcel tax measure and
      > how the money would be spent. And there have been lots of threats of
      > withholding support for the parcel tax if the boad doesn't vote one way
      > or the other. I suggest that we all take a step back and educate
      > ourselves with the facts.
      > Ruth Vedovelli has put together a chart showing how the funds from the
      > previous parcel tax have been spent; it's posted on the district web
      > page here:
      > I look at the list of expenditures - sports, libraries, K-3 class size
      > reduction, counselors, custodians. If the new parcel tax doesn't pass,
      > would I be willing to give these up? Or what would I be willing to give
      > up to keep them?
      > The language for the parcel tax extension is posted on the web site,
      > also. I urge all of you to read both so you can be informed voters.
      > Cathy
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