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RE: [wccusdtalk] Making Waves-Special Board Meeting-Toxic Site and Children

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  • Tony Sustak
    Hi, In case anyone is interested, here is the blog that has kept the principal information on the site where Making Waves is currently housed. It is the former
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 31, 2006

      In case anyone is interested, here is the blog that has kept the principal
      information on the site where Making Waves is currently housed. It is the
      former Zeneca/Stauffer Chemical site. It is one of the most contaminated
      sites in the country.


      For the Greening of Richmond,
      Tony Sustak

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      I am a strong supporter of Making Waves, because they have done for so many
      children in this district and others what some say can't be done. They are
      not one of the organizations that focus on children/parents that have
      resources to make it, but they take the kids that would most likely not make
      it because of a lack of opportunity and include their parents, and together
      they work to help the students make it through the educational system, from
      elementary-college. Many of their students come back and tutor, etc in their
      spare time. Now, they feel they could do more, by opening their own Charter,
      I say, go for it. At least many more of our students will have a better shot
      at an education.

      They are not trying to take anything away from the District, but, to help
      more students get a strong education. One of their major problem has been
      their willingness to purchase their own facilities, rather than use what the
      District had to offer, so they ran into some problems with the location,
      which I am told has been or will be taken care of.

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      From: "sunsetjill" <sunsetjill@...>
      > Special Board Meeting Tomorrow October 30, 2006 Making Waves ALVARADO
      > 5625 SUTTER AVENUE
      > RICHMOND, CA
      > 6:30 P.M.
      > I could not figure out why there is a special board meeting tomorrow,
      > so I googled. The first time I heard of Making Waves was at a School
      > Board Meeting at least a year back when a member of the community
      > broke out and said they were "making waves" and had to be physically
      > removed from the podium if I remember correctly.
      > It all sounded good at the time, sending poor children off to more
      > affluent schools and giving them a chance at a better education. Well
      > after digging around I found out that Anton Junger, whom Is running
      > for School Board is Actively involved with Making Waves and in 2005
      > was compensated by them to keep their books to the tone of about 52K.
      > Now I am not saying anything against Anton as I have considered voting
      > for him, but what I have found disturbs me.
      > See article Youth Program Ordered Off Toxic Site
      > http://www.berkeleydailyplanet.com/article.cfm?archiveDate=07-18-
      > 06&storyID=24643
      > So then I went to look at this Toxic Site more carefully which LEAD to
      > more questions.
      > http://www.gaylemclaughlin.net/press-Terrain_Winter-05.htm
      > I have heard about the Scully Foundation many time and they have their
      > hands in all this also see..
      > http://www.making-waves.org/beginning.php
      > I never did find any answers, only more questions. I did find where
      > Glen W. Holsclaw draws I think an Income combined of about $160k off
      > of Making Waves.
      > This is all just for information, I don't have an opinion, but I am
      > not sure I can make the Special Board Meeting, so I am putting this
      > out there for anyone else that may be able to attend..
      > Sincerely,
      > Jill Wolkenfeld
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