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Re: [wccusdtalk] Kronenberg phone calls

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  • Cathy Travlos
    However, when asked a direct question at the candidate forum at Kennedy about where campaign contributions had come from, none of the 3Ms mentioned UTR. Later
    Message 1 of 19 , Oct 31, 2006
      However, when asked a direct question at the candidate forum at Kennedy
      about where campaign contributions had come from, none of the 3Ms
      mentioned UTR. Later that evening I finally got a chance to look at the
      info you'd posted at Bayside and was interested to see the Miles and
      Meade had received more than half their support at that point from UTR,
      yet they didn't mention it. That's what I meant about not being open.
      I'd find it easier to have respect for that relationship between the
      candidates and UTR if it hadn't felt like they were hiding it.

      Charley Cowens wrote:

      > Cathy-
      > Ramsey and Kronenberg have no choice but to be open about their
      > donations just like the other candidates, because some people at some
      > time thought it was important to pass a law to make these matters
      > open. What the MegaMetaPAC is buying for themselves is a bond program
      > that is structured in such a way to maximize the return on their
      > investment to themselves. This primarily means a bond program that
      > simply never ends, because there is alway some new need, some
      > unforseen oopsie, etc. It also means a Board majority that is chosen
      > solely based on their alignment with the MegaMetaPAC. This may be
      > appealing if you think your pet program will be picked up by the
      > current group, but the next grouping annointed for the Board may not
      > like your pet program although they would definitely like to
      > definitely spend more money on construction.
      > One other possible result of this intrusion into the electoral process
      > is a change in the status of the bond program. When the contruction
      > interest in the bond program starts picking winners and losers in this
      > kind of stark and extreme manner it changes the bond construction
      > program from a partially politicized thing whose support has some
      > claim to be a community project into a totally politicized
      > manifestation of one particular faction on the Board, with important
      > effects on what will happen in any future campaigns for bonds.
      > Charley Cowens
      > On 10/30/06, Cathy Travlos <cbt@...
      > <mailto:cbt%40triplering.net>> wrote:
      > > I agree with Mel. There are Ramsey and Kronenberg who have openly
      > > accepted donations from the folks connected with the new school
      > > construction. Since the current laws and regulations about lowest
      > > responsible bidders and sealed bids mean those donors can't get any
      > > personal favors, it's pretty obvious that they want the construction to
      > > continue so their workers get jobs. I don't see jobs for local workers
      > > as a bad thing. Then you have the 3Ms, who are being funded by UTR and
      > > Dave Brown's connections. I found it interesting at the candidate forum
      > > that none of them mentioned the UTR or Justice Matters part of their
      > > support. How will that influence any votes they would have if elected?
      > >
      > > Mel is exactly right about looking for candidates with vision.
      > > Personally, I want people on the board who care enough to be involved
      > > right now. Is it enough that you make a vague statement about tutoring
      > > kids in your neighborhood? What about bragging about PTA involvement at
      > > the elementary school when your kid is now in high school and nobody
      > > from the high school knows you? Not as far as I'm concerned. I want
      > > Downer and De Anza to be rebuilt with the same standards as Sheldon and
      > > Kensington. I want options for our high achieving students. I want
      > > rigorous academics and programs to keep our students in the district
      > > instead of going to Orinda. I want safe high schools and middle schools,
      > > which means I want someone who will support the School Resource Officers
      > > on campus. From where I sit, as an active parent and member of district
      > > committees, that's Charles Ramsey and Madeline Kronenberg.
      > >
      > > Cathy Travlos
      > >
      > > Diamel@... <mailto:Diamel%40aol.com> wrote:
      > >
      > > > Thanks Jim, Now that we know how you are voting, please get off
      > the money
      > > > trail. I am looking at candidates who will continue to move our
      > > > students and
      > > > the district forward with a vision. Kronenberg and Ramsey, for Me,
      > > > have that
      > > > vision. I am awaiting that call to say yes honestly and do what I can
      > > > to help
      > > > the candidates with a vision for our students and or communities.
      > > >
      > > > MEL COLLINS
      > > > Teacher Portola Middle School
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