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Re: Does it matter who gets elected?

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  • troubled_h2o
    Dear Madam: you asked My comments on
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 4, 2006
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      Dear Madam:
      you asked << How has this person stayed on the school board? My take is
      that he is running on the "familiarity" of his name only. >>

      My comments on Ramsey were a simple response to your question which I
      quote above, and therefore were "on topic."

      I am not using this forum to campaign. I just want to see the
      candidates discuss some of the issues which I consider crucial to the
      improvement of the district.

      As you pointed out very well in your post, parents do the most good at
      the elementary level by volunteering at their child's school site.

      Furthermore, I assert that the best thing a parent can do to insure
      success in high school is to help their child learn the times tables
      cold before the end of third grade. If every person within arms reach
      of this forum makes sure that comes true for every third grader they
      meet, I would be happy.

      That seems so very simple and self-evident to me, yet I was unable to
      have this included in the grade-level expectations for third grade math
      when they were established. I would happily endorse and campaign for
      any candidate who can demonstrate a background in mathematics or math
      curriculum development instead of the meaningless blah blah blah I
      heard at the EC Democratic Club endorsement event. Unfortunately, no
      such candidate is running this year!!
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